Misfeed Press is delighted to announce our 2022 Zine Residency Program. 
Artists will be given a designated month to work side by side with Stephen Grebinski and Natasha Neira of Misfeed Press to publish a zine. 

You should apply if: 
-You’ve always wanted to make a zine and have an idea!
- You are looking for support in a creative community 
- You are interested in Riso/ Inkjet / Ditto Printing 

The purpose of this residency is to offer artists the opportunity to explore an idea or concept that can be executed via zine making. Our passion at Misfeed is helping visions come to fruition and building a community where we can support each other artistically. This residency is fully virtual and remote. Each month we will dedicate “studio hours” with our selected artists to talk about concepts, materials, deadlines, etc. We have in house materials that you are welcome to utilize but if we don’t have something you want, you are also welcome to bring your own. At the end of the year, we plan to have an in-person showcase and celebration of all the zines that were made during the residency.
 Please email us directly with any questions we are really excited to work with you! print@misfeedpress.com

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